Sunrise root canal

Sunrise Root Canal

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When a tooth is decaying on the inside it can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. If the pulp of the tooth, which is the soft inside area of the root that houses the blood vessels and nerves becomes damaged because of decay, a crack in the tooth, injury, gum disease or even from too many dental procedures it will become increasingly more damaged and cause pain or even an abscess. A Sunrise root canal at Sunrise Family Smiles is a simple treatment that can clear out the pulp and save the tooth from eventual destruction.

A Sunrise root canal is one of the most common dental procedures with over 21 million performed every year. First the tooth and the surrounding area will be numbed using a local anesthetic. Our doctor will make a hole in the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth, down through the protective hard dentin and into the damaged pulp. Using our microscopes to locate the tooth’s roots our doctor will use special miniature hand instruments and inject fluid to clear all the pulp out of the tooth and clean it out. A mature tooth no longer needs the pulp for nourishment, which it will glean from the adjoining teeth and gums. After the infected and inflamed pulp has been removed the roots are filled with a biocompatible filling and sealed to keep decay from ever getting inside. A temporary filling may also be placed where the original access hole was drilled.

A Sunrise root canal will be followed-up by removing the temporary filling and replacing it with a permanent filling. Call our office immediately so your tooth can get the relief it needs to remain a vital part of your mouth.

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