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Preventive Care in Sunrise

Why wait until you have cavities or gum disease before coming in for an examination? We at Sunrise Family Smiles see prevention as the more effective and painless option. It’s also less costly. With just two trips per year to our office for an examination and cleaning, you are setting the foundation for excellent oral health. Add to that a solid routine at home that includes daily brushing, flossing, and (of course) good nutrition, and you’re stacking the odds in your favor.

Sugar and starch in your diet spur the growth of sticky bacterial film on your teeth and at the gum line. That film is called dental plaque, and along with the hardened form of it, tartar, it decays your tooth enamel and harms your gums, up to and including infection. Yes, brushing is essential, but are you doing it frequently enough? Two times per day, first and last thing, is minimal, but not ideal. You should also brush after meals. Once daily is sufficient for flossing. Be vigorous and thorough. This way, when you come to our Sunrise dental office every six months, there is less chance that you will be diagnosed with a cavity or with gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Let’s discuss the preventive benefits of coming in. First, the examination you get ensures that if you do have a cavity, it will be filled promptly. It is larger cavities that put you at increased risk for toothaches and infections in your tooth. And teeth cleanings at our Sunrise dental office help you in two related ways. First, by eliminating built up tartar, and again by reversing any signs of gingivitis. For kids, fluoride treatments and sealants are also recommended as preventive measures.

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